Android 开发体验是真的好,Android Studio引入AI 问答bot

根据最新谷歌官方的Android Studio,有新的AI功能:

Studio Bot is your coding companion for Android development. It's a conversational experience in Android Studio that helps you be more productive by answering Android development queries. It's powered by artificial intelligence and can understand natural language, so you can ask development questions in plain English. Studio Bot can help Android developers generate code, find relevant resources, learn best practices, and save time.
Studio Bot 是您 Android 开发的编码伴侣。这是 Android Studio 中的一种对话式体验,可帮助您通过回答 Android 开发查询来提高工作效率。它由人工智能提供支持,可以理解自然语言,因此您可以用简单的英语提出开发问题。Studio Bot 可以帮助 Android 开发人员生成代码、查找相关资源、学习最佳实践并节省时间。

Studio Bot is still an early experiment, and might sometimes provide inaccurate, misleading or false information while presenting it confidently. Studio Bot might give you working code that doesn't produce the expected output, or provide you with code that is not optimal or incomplete. Always double-check Studio Bot's responses and carefully test and review code for errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities before relying on it. Studio Bot's new capabilities can help you by offering new ways to write code, create test cases, or update APIs.
Studio Bot 仍处于早期实验阶段,有时可能会提供不准确、误导性或虚假信息,同时自信地呈现这些信息。Studio Bot 可能会为您提供无法生成预期输出的工作代码,或者为您提供非最佳或不完整的代码。在依赖 Studio Bot 之前,请务必仔细检查 Studio Bot 的响应,并仔细测试和审查代码中的错误、错误和漏洞。Studio Bot 的新功能可以通过提供编写代码、创建测试用例或更新 API 的新方法来为您提供帮助。

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